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Half Terrier


I look like a beagle but I’m half terrier. I don’t know why I bark so much. I guess I’m just nervous. I wonder if all this noise serves any purpose. These are the traits inherent in my breed. I’m not as big as the other dogs so I have to be clever. I’ve got places to go so I pull on my collar. I got my nose to the ground. I’m an industrious hound. Four legs on the pavement sniffing up to know good – finding the scent, hell bent and low rent, on the trail of something good. I’m marking my territory. I’m licensed to howl. Who goes there? Ah- wooooooooooooooooo! Raising the hair on the back on my neck, I race around the corner. Biting off more than I can choose. I can chew through anything given the time.

Grandpa Wolf, he’s much hairier. I look like a beagle but I’m half-terrier.

Got me pegged but looks are deceiving, run up a ladder, I’m over-achieving, I’m almost Labrador retrieving, hatching some eggs that I’ve been conceiving.

Wagging my tail like a single prop plane. Look out cats! I’m in the passing lane!

Geronimo and Rin-tin-tin, wake up the neighbors all over again.

So come on back if you want some more.

I’m gearing for a pant leg tug-of-war!

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